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Antonio Amores Arrocha

Antonio Amores Arrocha is a Doctor of agri-food. He also has a Master´s degree in agri-food issued by the University of Cádiz. He has a Bachelor´s degree in enology and participates in investigation projects for I + D + i with companies from the agri-food sector in the province of Cádiz and scientific outreach projects and activities organized by above mentioned university. 

He currently belongs to the Chemical and Technical Food Engineering Department where he works as a professor and investigator for the University of Cádiz in the Food Technology and Engineering Investigation Group (AGR 203). 

He based and developed his Doctoral Thesis on the “Application of bee pollen as an activator in the alcoholic fermentation process”.  The latest publications related to his doctoral thesis and in the line of research of bee pollen are: 

·Evaluation of the use of multiflora bee pollen on the volatile compounds and sensorial profile of Palomino fino and Reisling white young wines. 

A. Amores-Arrocha, A. Roldán, A. Jiménez-Cantizano, I. Caro, V. Palacios. Pages 197 – 209. 

Effect on White Grape Must of Multiflora Bee Pollen Addition during the Alcoholic Fermentation Process.  Molecules 23(6). 

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