I International Congress of Traditional Andalusian Wines

Juan Luis Asenjo Acosta

Juan Luis Asenjo Acosta An expert in all areas of the wine world; enologist, sommelier and writer.  A lover of wine and its culture. His passion for wine has led him to travel the world, studying French enology and becoming a great expert of Italian wines and the art of the commercialization of wine.   

His extensive experience has allowed him to lead various wine tastings for public and private organizations, including the Association of Sommeliers of Madrid and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as businesses and individuals.  He has also taught different courses in Italian and French enology.  As a market consultant for various Spanish wineries he frequently offers training classes for the technical teams of the wineries as well as for the sales teams.  His passion for enology has led him to collaborate with many different wine publications such as “The World of Wine”, “Our Kitchen” and “The Wine Club”. 

Through these collaborations, and many others, he has achieved noteworthy recognition such as the Grandi Cru Italia Award for the best foreign journalist and the Cavaliere dell’Ordine Della Stella Soliedaritá Italiana Medal of Honor presented to him by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, for his work as a wine consultant for various Italian organizations.  He is currently on the Committee of large value wine tastings of Spain and collaborating with many national and international written media outlets. 

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