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Ramiro Ibáñez Espinar

Ramiro Ibáñez Espinar is an agricultural engineer and has a Bachelor´s degree in enology. He began his career in local wineries and later ser off to study some of the Denomination of Origins of Spain and other countries. On his return he proposed the search for the authentic “palo cortado”, far from, even, the oldest Denomination of Origin of Spain. Ramiro Ibáñez Espinar was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and that is something that marks a person. His father was a farmer and his mother, bandeña, he has always had close contact with agriculture and with the Doñana Reserve.

He was raised on the upper side of Sanlúcar and grew up surrounded by emblematic wineries such as Gaspar Florido, Barbadillo, Bros. Rafael Terán, Delgado Zuleta & Rodríguez La Cave, etc. He is an agricultural engineer and has a Bachelor´s degree in Enology and his professional relationship with wine has passed through several phases; first, in various production zones of Spain and, after acquiring a certain amount of experience, he went abroad to collaborate with wineries in Australia and Bordeaux in order to later return to Spain to highlight the framework of Sherry.

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