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Telmo Rodríguez

Telmo Rodríguez studied enology in Bordeaux and spent three years working for the Prats family wineries (Cos d’Estournel and Petit Village). Subsequently he continued his education in the Ródano valley, collaborating with names such important names as Chave or Trévallon. It was in Ródano where his eyes were opened to the “wines with soul”. One particular study colleague, Pablo Eguzkiza, stands out and with whom Telmo has continued to be close with since then; first in Barón de Oña, then in Remelluri and, finally, and when he practically had his bags packed for Australia, he enrolled in the Telmo Rodríguez Wine Company.

After his time at the family estate, Remelluri – which he managed for 10 years – where he couldn´t find total liberty to develop the ideas he had in mind, he formed the Telmo Rodríguez Wine Company. He wasn´t afraid to get his hands dirty making economical wines for businesses.

The Telmo Rodríguez Wine Company was set up in 1994 and currently produces nearly a million bottles annually.

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